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Positive energy of the Group – our staff returning the money he picked up
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Some time ago, Jingyuan Business Hotel waiter肖翠娟found a wallet while cleaning the house , there are nearly a million in cash and bank number of sheets .

    That day, Xiao Cuijuan accordance with the practice in the early morning after the finish , go check out the 327 rooms have been cleaned .

    After the withdrawal of the trash when肖翠娟started packing cushions room and found a pink cushion beneath wallet . "This is what the guests so careless , wallet out and it has not come ? " She said as she picked up the purse and found the wallet zipper pull yet , there are thick stack of hundred dollar bills . She did not hesitate and immediately zip to the front desk to the head of the purse , and let her help to contact the owner , after inquiry , and finally contact phone owner. This time, the owner, did not find the wallet missing.

    Ms. Wang to return money the owner 's friend 's behavior and hotel services to give a high evaluation, not afraid to say something right here can not be found , the service staff here are very high quality , assurance will return money . Xiaocui Juan said any thing falls our hotel guests , not just her , all the hotel staff will do .

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