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Project Quality Supervision and Inspection
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On Jun.26, an inspection team led by Li Li, the deputy chief of Shandong Province department of housing and urban-rural development and composed of other experts from supervision division, project construction division, and some professionals in construction safety field inspected the quality of the project of Marine Institute of Shandong Jiaotong University. Wu Hongtao, vice-director and Wang Jinhui, director of Weihai Housing Construction Bureau accompanied the team.

The target of the “Two-year Project Quality Supervision and Inspection” is to make quality responsibilities clear for all parts of the construction, including architecture, investigation, engineering, supervision, drawing inspection, quality inspection, building materials supply etc., and establish a system of lifelong responsibilities. At the same time, to standardize market order, curb illegal behavior, to help establish an open, credible and standard system.

During this inspection action, totally 4 civil engineering projects and 4 municipal projects of Weihai were checked. Half of these projects are recommended and the other half are random selected. Marine Institute of Shandong Jiaotong University project is randomly selected and the only project of our Group being checked. The inspection was strict and comprehensive, and result will present the image of our Group.

In the afternoon of Jun.27, the inspection results were announced in the reporting conference held by Weihai Housing Construction Bureau. On the conference, all the inspected items of Marine Institute of Shandong Jiaotong University project were highly praised by the inspection team, and the project could be set as a model.

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