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Enhancing Brand Value Through Image-shaping and Quality-uplifting
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With the aim of implementing the Group’s 24-word policy of “pay attention to details to forge our own brand, put emphasis on services to win the market, control potential risks to ensure our efficiency and cultivate talents”, and under the leadership of Technique and Quality Dept., the Group carried out the activity of “2015 Quality Examination Season” from May to July.

On 8 May, the Technique and Quality Dept. issued the “Implementation plan on the activity of 2015 Quality Examination Season and a series of management regulations including “Management Regulations on Guiding Model System”, “Management Measures on Examination and Trial for the Installation of Electromechanical Equipment”, “Enforcement Regulations on Subdivisional Evaluation”, “Regulations on Special Spot Inspection on Rebar Protection Layer and on the Thickness of Slab.”

During this activity, the Technique and Quality Dept. also had launched a series of special campaigns concerning on inspection remains, setting up of all-round loading scaffold, eliminating of disqualified trial model, anti-seismic rebar and processing of volume reinforcement, controlling on slab crack, repairing site-casting structure defects, submission and approval on special plan and the handover and archive record of completed project. They also organized standard evaluation on guiding sample, and special examination on rebar protection layer and on the thickness of slab of the first half of the year.

Four internal empathic learning and observation visits were launched and two centralized trainings were organized, and special evaluation teams were established to examine ten projects by selection.

Each branch company and project department pays great attention on the Quality Examination Season and they carried out various lively campaigns according to their management conditions and project characteristics in each stage of the propaganda, such as mobilization meeting, blackboard newspaper, banners, color flags, exhibition board etc. In its implementation stage, each branch company submits their task distribution plan for each sectional construction according to their project characteristics and construction progress, and all projects were required to be planned ahead of time and strictly controlled to achieve excellence by one-off. All of the management personnel and construction teams pool their wisdom and efforts with great enthusiasm, striving to be first with full energy and confidence, and implementing the quality management policy which leads to a great promotion in construction level.

It is a coincidence that provincial and municipal two-year’s special supervision on project quality is under way at the same time of our Quality Examination Season, and our five participant projects all received praises in public, and some of them are awarded as learning and observation sites of Weihai 2015 by municipal Housing and Construction Bureau.

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