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Rental Service Seminar Held at Equipment Leasing Company
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In the morning on June 26, 2015, a seminar on rental service in construction industry of the whole city organized by Weihai construction project management office was held at the conference room of the Equipment Leasing Company of the Group. Wang Penghui, vice-department chief of Weihai Construction Management Office, and Cong Guori, section chief of machinery section of Weihai Construction Management Office, and officers of construction management office of Rushan, Wendeng, Rongcheng attended the meeting, and more than 20 representatives from different leasing companies of Weihai attended the meeting.

All the attenders visited our workshop, storage room, maintenance platform, frame and pipe stacking area, and listened to the reports and had an overall understand about the general situation of our Group and the procedure of our tower crane management. They highly praised our Group as a bench mark for rental service in the construction industry of Weihai for its techniques and safety management.

Mr. Wang said, his office will cooperatively support the rental service development, and play well the role of guide for those promising companies, and clean-up and rectify the unqualified companies to promote the health development in the construction industry.

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