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JianXin Laboratory Company Successfully Extends its Qualification Certification
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Recently, JianXin laboratory company successfully passed the qualification certification review organized by Quality and Technique Supervision Bureau of Shandong Province. The newly added items including indoor environmental quality test (nitrogen, formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC), rain water test of windows etc. which promotes its testing capabilities.

The request of adding new testing items was made at the beginning of the year according to the requirements of development and project quality control of the Group. And JianXin laboratory company actively prepared for this work including staff training and related applications. After experts’ professional review on many aspects including staff’s ability, testing equipment and environment, quality management system, Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau gave us a full affirmation on our addition of the qualification certification.

By now the laboratory company’s testing ability is greatly enhanced, and its test domain is largely expand, which basically meets the requirements of the quality control of the Group. The newly added test items ensure the quality of our refined decoration project, and the customers are more satisfied about the quality of our project.

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