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The Group’s Delegation Pays a Visit to Our Project Department in Shenyang
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Several days ago, the Group’s deputy secretary of the party committee Mr. Xu Jinke and seven other administrative staff visited BeiSheng PDC project of GM(General Motors) in Shenyang and sent their respects to all the front-line staff and workers.

The delegation visited the site accompanied by the project manager Yang Tao and other project managerial staff, and Mr. Yang gave a brief report about the process and schedule of the project.

After that, Mr. Xu highly praised the tenacious struggles and positive spirit of the whole project team. At the same time, he also stated some demands - firstly the high level of the project department should pay attention to the needs of the staff. They should consider what their staffs are thinking, help those whose families are in difficulties, and communicate with the Group or branches frequently to solve the problems in their lives. Secondly, under the management policy of “Large-scale Project Department”, ShenYang GM project department will be forged as the first one of this kind on trial, and it is of a great importance on the transformation of the Group’s management structure. On this trial all the units participated need to work as a whole, cooperate with each other and precisely take their own part, to show the great image of the Group. Thirdly, the logistics support work should be done as more considerately as possible to provide a better accommodation condition for our staff who were far from home and worked in a relatively unfamiliar place.

Mr. Yang thanked the delegation for their kindly visit, and said they will work diligently in accordance with the management regulations of the Group and try the best to live up to the expectations of the Group.

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