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      The Group endeavors to expand local, domestic as well as international markets. Since entering into the international market in 1985, the Group has participated in the biding, planning, construction and management of many international projects in several countries and areas, such as Kuwait, Seychelles, Cote d'ivoire, Pakistan, Kenya and South Korea. Currently, we focus on the African markets, in particular, the Botswana and Equatorial Guinea, where we have contracted more than 20 projects, includes Upgrading of Infrastructure at Old Naledi, Botswana, Nata High School, Kolobeng River Crossing in Mayana Village, Botswana, Maun Bridge in Botswana. The Group has contracted many projects in Equatorial Guinea, such as Social Housing Project in Bata and in Ebebeyin, Equatorial Guinea, Project Office Headquarter in Equatorial Guinea, Bata School, Equatorial Guinea etc, with a construction area of more than 100,000 square meters and turnover USD 150 million. Meanwhile, we also set up branch companies in Kenya and South Sudan. Our next step is aimed at northern Iraq and Turkey, and Ecuador in South America, with project scope ranging from housing, city water supply and drainage pipe network, sewage treatment, municipal and public works to EPC projects with us as general contractor.
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