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The Implementation of the Spirit
of the 14th Representative Congress
of China Communist Party, Weihai
Accelerating the Transformation and Upgrading of the Enterprise
Mr.Wang Chuanbo

      From April 9th to 12th, the 14th Representative Congress of China Communist Party, Weihai was grandly held. On the meeting, Mr.Sun Shutao, the municipal party secretary, delivered an important speech named “Concentrate all our efforts to do practical deeds, fighting for the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, and working hard to make Weihai a modernized city full of happiness”. The report, concise and to the point from a commanding height, is a great guidance either to the construction of the Party or to the development of enterprise. Currently, the construction industry is facing an adverse condition which made its transformation and upgrading imperative. So we should practice the spirit of the report in every detail work, further free our mind, keep up our spirit, to get new achievements in the development of the enterprise.
     Ⅰ The spirit of the report is a guidance to the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise because it strengthened our confidence of overcoming the difficulties and getting the ultimate triumph.
Currently, the condition which the construction industry is facing is extremely adverse. From the level of state regulation, the overall economical situation is complex and varied, which made the economic recovery very unstable and uncertain. The state micro-control concentrates on “adjustment of structure, transformation of economy, benefits for the people”. The investment to infrastructure is shrinking, at the same time a series of restricted micro-control policies of land and financing in real estate industry take effect. From the level of industry development, the over capacity, market shrinking, difficulties in winning a bid, a decrease in signed contracts, tight budget and cost rise of the construction industry made the construction enterprise facing a deteriorating operation and survival situation. Confidence is much valuable than gold. Secretary Sun encourages the enterprise to challenge the current economic situation, build confidence of overcoming difficulties and spanning development. The report told us to overcome the difficulty in development in a reformatory way, to expand development space with an open mind, to open up new situation of every work in an innovative way.The report pointed out that with no great break through in project construction, the transformation development will be empty talk. If we plan to carry out some significant industrial projects of great boosting effect and comprehensive benefit, the construction industry will encounter a new development opportunity. My comrades, facing the difficulties, transformation and upgrading of the company is the first priority. I hope all the staff and cadres believing in the leadership of the Party, seriously analyzing the current economic situation, building your confidence, seizing the opportunity, strengthening the morale, abandoning such conservative ideas as lack of encouragement, lack of agressiveness,lack of pioneering spirit, abandoning the psychological states of being steady, maintaining and content with the current achievement, seizing every minute to pursuit higher goals and never quit up.
      Ⅱ The spirit of the report is a guidance to the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise because it clarified the general idea of the structural adjustment.
Build up an industrial layout with reasonable structure and close integration is the first priority in the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. As to the structural adjustment, Secretary Sun emphatically pointed out that we should insist on the transformation of the traditional industry and the cultivation of the emerging industry, with these “two wheel drive”, we should be high-end oriented and informationized, using advanced and applicable technology to transform and promote the traditional industry, improving the added value of products and market competitiveness continually, accelerating the industry to extend towards both ends of its industrial chain, expanding the industry scale, promoting the industrial level. In recent years, the Group focused on the change of the extensive business pattern, the optimization of the industrial structure and the industrial chain, the cultivation of more profitable growth points. All these laid a solid foundation for the Group to transform and upgrade. Up to 2011, the main business of the Group maintains a healthy and rapid development. Besides, the real-estate development, commercial concrete, steel structure, dry-mixed mortar, wood industry and other related industry have reached a new mile stone with an output of 600 million yuan which is 15% of the total out-put of the Group. After Weihai Manufacture Base and Jinan Industrialization Base, Tianjin Industrialization Base was built, these three bases echo to each other and play an important role as support and stronghold. However we also realize that our industrial structure is not yet scientific, and the proportion of the related industry is not yet reasonable, and the industrialization development still has lots of work to do. So we should adherent to the instructions of Weihai Municipal Party Committee and Weihai Municipal Administration, keep up with more encouragement and use more efforts to achieve the structural adjustment.
     Ⅲ The spirit of the report is a guidance to the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise because it proposed the general requirement of how to deepen reformation.
     Secretary Sun Shutao pointed out in his report that the drive power depends on the reformation depth. I think, solving the current problems in developing, we should search the deep conflict and trouble in management system and deal with it in whole and manage to achieve a fundamental break through in key field or key point. In order to adapt to the current economic situation, break the developing choke-point, in early 2012 we adjusted the mechanism of enterprise. According to the principle of separating the management rights from its ownership, we have established “Shandong Weihai Construction Investment and Holding Co,.Ltd. to divide the current business into five regional subsidiaries. This act mobilized the enthusiasm of all staff to the largest extent, exerting proper pressure to accelerate development paces, improving the initiative of each subsidiary while at the same time avoiding the potential risk in management, safety and quality control. This mechanism adjustment reflects that the leader of the Group is not content with current situation and determined to achieve some break through, and the Group is ready to integrate to the market in a scientific manner. It also demonstrates the universal rule that the enterprise’s evergreen depends on its development while development depends on change. We are conscious of that the deep-rooted problem is still existing which has hindered the development of the Group, so deepen the reform is still extremely urgent. In the future, I hope all the staff will be market-oriented, initiative and innovative, and exerting greater power for the development of the Group.
     Ⅳ The spirit of the report is a guidance to the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise because it builds a favorable environment for innovative development.
     Talents, science and technology are the inexhaustible power of the development of a company. Secretary Sun Shutao said that technological innovation and talents accumulation is an important requirement of the economic development. He also pointed out that we should stimulate the enterprise innovation, strengthen the enterprise independent innovation ability. The report clearly pointed out that we should attract talents by good career prospects, human-based management and salary, by more favorable policies, more warm services to recruit talents and keep them and make good use of them. Under the background of innovative development, how should we do deserves a thorough thought of everyone. About talents, I think to recruit is easy, but to promote their ability is hard; the personnel allotment is easy, how to make good use of them is hard. Therefore, every subsidiary should establish a sound promotion mechanism to promote the management ability the talents by business training and tutor system; establish a sound evaluation system to let the capable one be promoted, the incapable one give place; establish a sound communication system of human-based management to let people feel the care from the company. In the field of technological innovation, seizing the opportunity of the application of national top grade certificate, we should concentrate on the compile of national-level construction method and patented technology, national standard. Meanwhile, with the assistant of the new information management system, we can improve the Group’s informatization management level, the work efficiency and the competitive ability.
     Keep thinking and you will find a way out, locate yourself objectively and you will find your direction. Facing the current difficult situation, we have formed a consensus of building confidence and overcoming the difficulty all together. The Group has celebrated its 60th anniversary and our staff is never afraid of any difficulty. As long as we recognize the situation, exerting the utmost effort, breaking the choke-point in thought, structure and mechanism, breaking through the routine thought and regular practice, being innovative and keeping forging ahead, the Group definitely will get through this adverse “winter” and ran into a new era of great development.

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